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Shanghai’s world expo 2010, China displays its power

China will welcome the world tomorrow with the Shanghai’s World Expo event. Reviving the tradition of these prestigious events, they want to make a showcase for their power.


Two years after the Beijing Olympics, China is again preparing to become the centre of the world. The Shanghai’s World Expo, which opens tomorrow, is announced that would be grandiose. It has already a record now, with 192 countries participating, and nearly 100 million visitors should walk around 5.3 square kilometres of the site until October 31. China will realize a feat to renew the event which becomes obsolete over the years. In fact, who still remembers the last World Expo organised in Hanovre (Germany) 2000?


The Shanghai’s World Expo also recovers its original sense. In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the western powers used them to spread their influence over the world. The first, in London 1851, had devoted United Kingdom as the first leading power of the world. In 1867, Napoleon III made it for the apotheosis of the Second Empire, which was highlighted by the luxury Palace of the Champ de Mars. Japan, in Osaka 1970, was the first non-Western country before the China to host the event, symbolizing the growing economic power of the archipelago.


The Chinese Communist Party plans to take this opportunity to mark their turn in the history. Named “Orient Crown”, the Chinese Pavilion in Shanghai will be a museum dedicated to the Chinese history and culture. It is situated in the heart of the area and will draw absolutely the attention of all visitors entering from the main entrance.

The next edition of the World Expo will be taken place in Milan 2015, thus returning its European beginning.

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